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My Favorite Kids Halloween Costumes

I was shopping the other day and realized that Halloween really is just around the corner. I was picking up a few things for my little gal when I stopped and realized that the rainbow tutu that I really wanted to buy her was in the “Halloween” section.



Baby Halloween Costumes are the Cutest!

Then, I got very excited for Halloween. Whether it’s adult or kids costumes – they’re all fun! I thought I’d feature a few of my favorite costumes over the next few weeks, starting with the kiddos costumes. There are especially some great ones out there this year – hit the stores now to get some great ideas!


Baby Halloween Costumes

Babies are the cutest when it comes to Halloween costumes. I especially love Walmart’s selection of Infant Costumes this year. It’s nice to have an option to not break the bank (since these babies grow so fast!) yet look absolutely adorable. My favorite this year happens to be their baby elephant costume.

My Favorite Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Children’s Place has some great costumes out already. Plus, the nice thing is that with these costumes. you can buy stuff that your kiddo can wear later throughout the season. While they’ve got some great ones to choose from like a witch, bumble bee and princess for girls and even cowboys and astronauts for boys,  I happen to favor the lady bug costume.

baby-peacock-costume will make your kids stand out this Halloween

Unique Kids Halloween Costumes

For those who really like something different, check out this website that features specialty costumes. If you want to stand out and have your child look different from all of the other neighborhood kids, consider a unique costume. From elaborate peacocks to spiders and scarecrows, this is the place to get your stand-out Halloween costume.