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Dream House Planning with House Hunters

As you’ll pick up pretty soon, I am a big reality TV junkie. I already admitted my addition to the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Well today’s show is a little more classy, and less dramatic, but still very reality. Yep, it’s House Hunters.


House Hunters helps me prepare for my dream home

I love House Hunters and House Hunters International on HGTV. I mean of course I do – I blog about big houses and neighbors, right? If you’ve not seen House Hunters, it’s a show that follows a couple/family/individual as they search for a new place to live; they are often relocating from a different area of the country (or even to a new country.) A realtor is hired and takes the family to three different locations. As the family tours each home, you get to sit in your living room, eat popcorn, and yell at the screen and tell them what you’d do, and then take bets on what they choose. Well, at least I do that…

So anyway, I’ve learned a lot through House Hunters and it’s helped me start forming my “dream house” wish list so that when the time is right and I can move to the Seychelles Islands – yep that episode was on the other day and nope, I had no idea where it is…. I had to look it up.

My Dream Home List Thanks to House Hunters

So – here is what my dream home entails so far, thanks to what I’ve seen on House Hunters and what’s out there:

– a view of the beach (meaning we’re heading International on at least one of my dream homes)

– a little courtyard off of the master bedroom overlooking the pool (so we have a pool too)

– an open kitchen with a bar for eating, homework and hanging out

– a fun attraction around the home, maybe something like this musical fountain.

– a camera near the front door programmed to display on the kitchen TV

– a big enough rooftop for a grand Christmas lights display with lights, music and the works.

– a HUGE master bathroom

Well, that’s my list so far at least. I can’t wait for the next season of House Hunters so that I can add to my growing dream house wish list! What’s on your list?


Hello, Neighbors.

Hello, Neighbors!

I can’t wait to dive into my blog where we talk about the latest and greatest about living in America. No, I’m not talking about democracy,  beautiful sights and sounds, nor the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest (although those are great, too.) I’m talking about the little green-eyed competition that occurs behind the little white picket fences lining our “American Dream Home” estates – neighborhood envy.

Christmas Light Show

Get the Neighbors Green Eyed

Also known as “Keeping up with the Joneses,” neighborhood envy runs fast through our shrub-lined streets and knocks on every neighbor’s front door. At first we try to shrug it off and be individualistic, soaking in the advice of our pop-cultured American influences that tell us different is good. But as we settle in, transform the homes into “our own” and gauge our “place” in the neighborhood – the green-eyed envy monster begins to invade our minds. We notice the neighbor’s new basketball court, or their gorgeous display of Christmas lights. We drive by slowly to read who put the new roof on the house, or admire the beautiful landscaping in full bloom. The competition begins. And then we realize we need it, too.

There are all kinds of neighborhoods out there, but whether you live in a luxury neighborhood or a standard suburban area, neighbors are always out to observe what’s happening with one another, and try to keep up. And while we can all agree that there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed (keeping up so much so that you foreclose on your house, for one) neighborhood envy can actually be a lot of fun. It can help you keep your house in great shape, ensuring that your property values go up. It also creates a great discussion for you as you adorn your homes with the best lights you can and throw the greatest parties, while attracting attention to your home and sparking relationships with your neighbors. It can be difficult to just have fun these days, and playing up neighborhood envy is one way to bring a little lightheartedness to the world around us.

As a girl next door and fan of a wonderful neighborhood competition, welcome to my blog. We’re here to point out how fun it is to be extreme when adorning the house and have a friendly competition with the neighbors.

Game on!