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Neighborhood Envy – The Lawn & Landscape

Has anyone else noticed one of the best ways to spur neighborhood envy is in the lawn and landscape arena? I mean even in the heat of summer, and it’s been a hot one this year, neighbors scurry to keep their lawns looking nice. They want to get rid of the brown grass and make sure the flowers look bright and perky. And while some of the anal ones really could be concerned about the roots and the soil for the long-term effects of their turf management – most are out to either keep up with the neighbors, or make their house look nicer than the others on the street.


Impress the neighbors by treating your lawn like a golf course

Keeping the Grass in Tip-Top Shape

One great way I’ve noticed that neighbors keep the friendly competition around the neighborhood going is to pretend your grass is actually a golf course. Get out there and make sure it’s perfectly mowed, edged and watered every week. If you’re really into it, you can even take some time to learn about lawn striping, and mowing lawn patterns. Mow in fun directions for an appealing, eye-catching presentation. You’ll have the other neighbors beating the heat and working on their yards in no time.

Beautify with Flowers and Plants

Okay, so I’m not exactly a green thumb, but in this heat, nobody really can take home that title. But for some reason, neighbors go all out to keep their beautiful, colorful flowers alive. Most flowers are brown and dead, wilted by the heat of summer. Even those flowers that are kept shaded and watered can be struggling to stay alive. But walk through a neighborhood with a little bit of neighborhood envy going on and look to be amazed. All of the sudden, it’s like it’s still springtime and bursts of colorful flowers line the flower beds and porches. Now I don’t know if these neighbors constantly replace their flowers, or if they’ve just all hired master gardeners, but it’s a sight to be seen. And a great way to keep neighborhood envy going.

Wow the Neighbors with Evening Lights

Once neighbors have the lawns mowed, flowers bloomed and the outdoors looking neat and nice, the ones who really want the prize of “best house in the neighborhood” have to find a way to show it off day and night. Some neighbors find a way to take home the “gold” around the neighborhood by lighting their home so that the beautiful landscaping can be shown even with a dark sky. Spotlights, porch lights and even bright lighting effects are all used to bring about a certain “glow” to their home. Lighting the outdoors is like standing on that highest platform and bringing home that cherished metal after beating out everyone else in the neighborhood. It’s a high honor.

Don’t have time to keep up? In the Kansas City area? Consider hiring a professional landscaper instead! Save the time, yet get the results, and be the envy of your neighborhood!